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059Sonata in G major, Op.78Johannes Brahms 
 Outer cover of item Sonata in G major, Op.78Clarinet and pianoarranged by Peter Goldberg

This is the well known Violin Sonata, Op.78 in a transcription for Bb Clarinet.

Peter Goldberg writes:

"Inevitably the character of the sonata must change from the charm and sweetness of the violin to the greater power and stridency, as well as the plaintiveness of the clarinet. Along with that change of character must come variations in phrasing and innuendo, often quite distinct from the original. I offer apologies to my violinist friends but at the same time dare to hope that they might also enjoy the fresh aspects thus displayed."

Duration 26 ‐ 27 mins.

  ISMN score & part£14.95  
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132Voices of TreesRachel Matthews 
 Outer cover of item Voices of TreesClarinet and piano   

Rachel Matthews has performed as a solo pianist and chamber musician across the US, Canada and Europe and is increasingly establishing an original voice as a composer. 'Voices of Trees' was written in 2006 and is in three movements – Listen through the rustling leaves, Night Scherzo and Witness.

Duration c.13 minutes.

Click here to visit Rachel Matthews' website

  ISMN score & part£15.40  
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008Nocturne on an American Hymn TunePaul Carr 
 Outer cover of item Nocturne on an American Hymn TuneAlto saxophone and piano   

A short blues piece based on the hymn 'Shall We Gather at the River' by Robert Lowry (1826-1899), the American Baptist minister and writer of gospel songs and hymns.

Duration c.4 minutes

  ISMN score & part£8.20  
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006Girl on a beach under a sunshadePaul Carr 
 Outer cover of item Girl on a beach under a sunshadeBassoon and piano   

– after a pencil portrait by Alfred Munnings. This attractive solo for bassoon & piano is also available with accompaniment for a small orchestra of flute, clarinet, horn, harp and strings. See Orchestral Music.

Trinity Coll. Grade 7 (2017-20)

ABRSM Grade 8 (2018-21)

Duration c.5-6 mins.

  ISMN score & part£12.50  
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