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089QuietusJohn Hawkins 
 Outer cover of item QuietusString Trio   

A single movement for violin, viola and cello composed in 1997.

"...I found this work most enjoyable to play as well as listen to...a delightful modern work." [Michael Videluch.]

Duration c.4‐5 mins

  ISMN and 3 parts£12.75  
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150ShadowsJohn Hawkins 
 Outer cover of item ShadowsTrio for viola, cello and piano   

'Shadows' is a nostalgic, atmospheric waltz written in response to a poem by Ursula Vaughan Williams 'Ainsi le bon temps regrettons' which begins with the lines:

No, I will not tell you with whom I danced,
nor of the music we knew;
We stepped through the window and danced on the terrace
onto the grass and danced by the water.
the music followed us,
But long ago the grass was scythed
and with it, our shadows
that danced till morning.

Duration 3'20"

  ISMN score & 2 parts£13.20  
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073Piano Trio No.1, Op.73Arthur Butterworth 
 Outer cover of item Piano Trio No.1, Op.73Piano Trio   

Arthur Butterworth's first string trio was inspired by the contemplation in winter of springtimes and summers of the past. It was commissioned by the Cheltenham Festival and first performed on 13th July 1983 with members of the Music Group of London, Hugh Bean (violin), Eileen Croxford ('cello) and David Parkhouse (piano).

It is a single-movement work in three sections lasting about 25 minutes and has been recorded by the Piano Trio on Dutton Epoch CDLX 7164

  ISMN M708027-73-7 score & 2 parts£20.00  
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102String Quartet, Op.100Arthur Butterworth 
 Outer cover of item String Quartet, Op.100String Quartet   

This is the revised (2011) edition of the quartet Butterworth originally composed in 1997.

Duration c.15 minutes.

    Score and parts£19.00  
    Study score£9.20  
  ISMN parts£17.50  
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145FuzonJohn Hawkins 
 Outer cover of item FuzonString Quartet   

This seven-minute quartet takes its title from William Blake's illuminated book Ahania (1795), in which Fuzon is the embodiment of fire – who "On spike flames rose, his hot visage flam'd furious!"

The story begins with Fuzon rebelling against Urizen:

"Shall we worship this Demon of Smoke",
Said Fuzon, "This abstract non‐entity
This cloudy God seated on Waters
Now seen, now obscur'd; King of sorrow?"
So he spoke, in a fiery flame...

    Score and parts£16.60  
    Study score£8.20  
  ISMN parts£12.60  
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135PalinodeJohn Hawkins 
 Outer cover of item PalinodeFlute, clarinet, violin, 'cello and piano   

Three moods appear in turn on different instruments: (decorative flute, violent clarinet and piano and lyrical violin and 'cello). Interrupting each other then combining, they create a chaotic climax before collapsing into calm. Then they exchange instruments (the violin becomes decorative, flute and cello violent and the clarinet and piano lyrical) and start all over again...

Duration c.6 minutes

  ISMN score and 4 parts£16.20  
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045Quintet, Op.21Kevin Hill 
 Outer cover of item Quintet, Op.21Alto saxophone and string quartet   

A work abounding in rhythmic vitality and sparkling ideas. "On first impression the piece would make a wonderful soundtrack for the Irish dancers in Riverdance; its motoric rapidity guaranteed to keep both dancers and players on their toes." [Mary Nemet]

Click to watch a performance by the Piatti Quartet

  ISMN and 5 parts£28.00  
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043Trio SonataAlan Richardson 
 Outer cover of item Trio SonataBass clarinet, viola and piano   

A short three movement work with some interesting sonorities.

Total duration c.11 minutes.

  ISMN and 2 parts£15.30  
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044Three PiecesAlan Richardson 
 Alla Marcia – Variations – Graziana (Allegretto vivo e grazioso)
 Outer cover of item Three PiecesOboe, viola and piano   

A delightful work composed in the 1970's for Janet Craxton and Watson Forbes.

The pieces may be played in sequence or as individual items.

Total duration c.13-14 minutes.

  ISMN and 2 parts£16.90  
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119sBrandenburg Concerto 6JS Bach 
 Outer cover of item Brandenburg Concerto 62 Violas, 2 Scordatura Violas, Cello, Continuoarranged by Andrew Filmer

This new edition of the 6th Concerto with scordatura violas in lieu of the less frequently available viole da gamba has been edited and arranged by the New Zealand doctoral scholar and violist, Andrew Filmer. He has provided an extensive commentary to accompany the score and makes a persuasive case for the use of scordatura violas in chamber performances of this work.

A full score with set of parts is available for hire.

Click to see Filmer's commentary and a performance of the piece

  ISMN score£12.50  
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147Tarka, Op.142Arthur Butterworth 
 Outer cover of item Tarka, Op.142Caprice for small ensemble   

'Tarka' was composed in 2013 and premiered by the Manchester Chamber Ensemble conducted by Richard Howarth at the Ilkley Concert Club David Pyett Celebration Concert given at the King's Hall, Ilkley on 2 October 2013.

The programme also included the original version of Copland's 'Appalachian Spring' and Butterworth chose the same instrumentation for his own work.

A full score with set of parts is available for hire. Please contact us about an inspection score.

Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin I (2 players), Violin II (2 players), Viola (2 players), Cello (2 players), Double Bass, Piano

Duration c.11‐12 minutes.

  ISMN hire£20.00  
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022Haworth Moor, Op.110Arthur Butterworth 
 Outer cover of item Haworth Moor, Op.110SATB and piano   

In 1969 Butterworth had set poems of Emily Brontë in 'Night Wind' but in more recent years he has rarely ventured into the field of choral music. Here, thirty years later he returns to the world of the Brontë sisters which had always fascinated and inspired him. The choral writing is imaginative and passionate, and an important role for the piano adds to the colour and drama of the work.

If multiple copies are required, please ask us for a quotation.

Duration c.16 minutes.

  ISMN score (48pp.)£9.25  
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