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51Berceuse (1971) Oboe and pianoWarwick Music
54Actaeons Ride 13 wind instrumentsMs.
53Aubade (1973) Flute and pianoComus Edition
54Fanfare and Berceuse (1975) Trumpet and pianoComus Edition
55Year's End 4-part mixed wind ensembleComus Edition
56Tudor Court Music 4-part mixed wind ensembleComus Edition
57Mist on the Marshes Scena for soprano, 'cello and pianoSpartan Press
58Organ Sonata OrganMs.
59A Gabriel Sonata (1976) Trumpet and organComus Edition
60Hunter's Moon - Three songs (1979) Male voice choir and pianoMs.
61Guitar Concerto Guitar and orchestraComus Edition
62Haworth Moor Chorus and pianoComus Edition
63Sinfonia Concertante for brass Brass bandComus Edition
64Pastorale Viola and pianoComus Edition
65Reverie: Farewell Manchester Treble recorder and pianoForsyth
66Reverie: Farewell Manchester Treble recorder and stringsComus Edition
67Leprechauns (1978) Two Oboes and Cor AnglaisComus Edition
68Beowulf (1982) String OrchestraComus Edition
69Héjnal (1979) Trumpet and pianoMs.
70The Sands of Dee Double Bass and pianoSpartan
71Gogg and Magogg Two double basses and pianoSpartan
72Three Lyric Pieces Tuba and pianoComus Edition
73Piano Trio No.1 (1983) Violin, 'cello and pianoComus Edition
74Three Lyric Pieces Double bass and pianoComus Edition
75The Gypsy Fiddlers Violin, double bass and pianoSpartan
76Odin - From the Land of Fire and Ice (1986) Brass bandComus Edition
77Wild Thyme Recorder ensembleRecorder Mail Co.
78Sebastian March Brass bandComus Edition
79Symphony No.6 (2005) OrchestraComus Edition
80Capriccio Pastorale Chamber OrchestraMs.
81Carlow Fair Recorder (flute, oboe or bassoon)Recorder Mail Co.
82Coruscations7'OrchestraComus Edition
83Keynotes for Brass Instruments (1988)  Comus Edition
84Kendal Clock ('Tinnitus Aurium Kendaliensis')(1989) Comus Edition
85Entre Chien et Loup OrchestraMs.
86Paean (1990) Brass bandMs.
87Passacaglia on a theme of Brahms (1991) Brass bandComus Edition
88Halloween Eight HornsDB Edition
89Partita6'30Euphonium and pianoComus Edition
90Martyrs (In Nomine) Brass QuintetMs.
91Quartet for Brass (1993) 2 cornets, tenor horn, euphoniumMs.
92Sligo Fair Brass QuintetComus Edition
93Haunting Visions Recorder, Cor Anglais, Chamber Orch.Ms.
94Capriccio Violin and orchestraMs.
95Piano Quintet (Symphonic Variations) Piano and String QuartetComus Edition
96The Grey Mist on the Silent Lake Flute and pianoMs.
97Tarka, Caprice Chamber EnsembleComus Edition
98Elegy8'String OrchestraComus Edition
99Three Songs Bass and pianoComus Edition
100Wind Quintet11'Wind QuintetComus Edition
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